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Can you imagine a marketing medium that can guarantee from 70 to 80% of the entire internet population?  Even better; can you imagine a media segment that grows so fast that in less then 3 years it becomes the world's largest in history?.

Video is one of the world's most effective advertising formats and Internet is the fastest growing segment in marketing; put Video and Internet together and you have the most powerful advertising choice to better communicate the benefits of your company's products and services.

Over 70 to 80% of online users watch video clips on the internet, this makes internet video the number 1 social media platform, over passing blogging and social networking.

Internet Video Advertising & "the savvy marketer"

Savvy marketers and trendsetters, are quickly jumping on the Internet Video Marketing bandwagon. As a proof of the online video advertising revolution, we see players like the like of Google paying over $1.65 billion for the acquisition of You Tube. Today watching online video is amongst the most popular internet activities in the world, not to mention an early opportunity for advertisers.

With the enormous speed of online video, advertisers are now rushing to find creative ways to enhance their brand awareness throughout a multitude of video sharing sites. As a result, agencies like Ziike have now evolved to provide full video marketing solutions. 


What we are about. Our inspiration

At Ziike we ask ourselves the question: What do you think John Logie Baird (Scottish engineer and the inventor of the world's first TV) have done with internet television? Would he follow Ziike's tweets? Or would he share the latest viral video via Facebook?

Ziike is convinced that nothing else comes close to the power, efficiency and satisfaction of a well built video. Ziike is about video "hipness", video creativity and the strength of viral vitality. We go to sleep with an idea!  Wake up during the night to a creative thought! Have breakfast to an inspiration! and through video... transform our clients brand to reach their consumer goals!

Did you know?

A single video-sharing site, YouTube, currently claims an average of around 65,000 new uploads per day. Video content is not just being created—it is being watched by millions.

Let us inspire you

At Ziike we believe online video advertising should now be part of your strategic internet marketing spends. Let us show you how.

Internet Video Marketing